Bicycle Trails and Space

This is working agriculture land.  The growing fruit, nuts, veggies and feed grass is always priority.  

The bike trails and other features may change depending on the growing season and weather.  

be Local

Keeping it local means more time for fun and less travel and fuel.  Good trails don't have to be just for mountains and cities.

be Available

No shutting down because  of mud.  Short of a range fire... The trails will remain open.   

be Fun

Welcome to drops, corners, boardwalks and, sadly, just one hill.  Which you will climb many times.

be Yummy

This is as close to organic as it gets.  Near total neglect produces great tasting fruit.

be Natural

If you stay the night you may see what the others miss. 

be Seasonal

Seasons bring change.  A rare snow provides challange.



Contact MoreInfo@RedDirtOrchard.Bike to get more information on the project

Red Dirt Orchard was designed for cyclists.  Southwest Oklahoma bicyclists.  Northern Texas bicyclists.  Texoma  bicyclists.  

Near Comanche Oklahoma south of Duncan.  In Stephens County Oklahoma near the county fairgrounds.

We are a great place for motorcyclists to stop for the night.  Great dry camping spots with a view.  Just west of US Highway 81 and north of OK Highway 53.