How you can help

Needs and Wants

A bathroom is much needed. Currently there are only trees and the local businesses.

Potable water has been plumbed to multiple locations where the bathrooms could be constructed.

This was the beginning of a new down hill section. A lot of old fence was found. Lots of brambles removed and a colony of ants chased into the trees.

These new sections take one person days or weeks to build.

Most cedar trees are removed because of their invasive nature. And to save surface water.

The large tree parts are used for features or crafts.

The first drop as it was being constructed. Features like this allow skills to be developed in a controlled environment.

Your opinion

Do you have a feature in mind? Do you see something I don't?

Are you an aspiring trail builder and need some practice space?

Maybe you build ramps and need a place to test concepts.

Let’s talk...

A lot of mowing...

Blackberries and sumac suckers do a number on the mower blades.

If you, an organization or business would like to sponsor a trail section or feature get in contact. Signage with your name and details could be posted seasonally or as long as your feature survives. Sponsors will also get listed here on the website.

Help the trails

Are you wanting to ride something different and be part of the process? If so let me know how you can help.

Or make a small contribution to help with expenses.
(Giving to RDO is not tax deductible.)