Road Events

Each year the Duncan Dehydrator course is within a mile or two of the orchard. It is a great place to prepare and recover from the ride. The start line is in Duncan, 13 miles north of the orchard.

One hour south in Wichita Falls is the Hotter'N Hell each summer. The orchard is one hour from the starting line.

Oklahoma Senior Games cycle events are held on Ft. Sill Army Post. They are open to the public but a visitor pass is needed.

Mountain Bike Races

There are two Oklahoma Tour De Dirt races within an hour drive each year. One in Medicine Park, OK and the other in Wichita Falls, TX.

Base Camp Adventure Outfitters in Medicine park has multiple mountain bike events each year. There are usually two Enduro races, the F5 Endurance and others.

Triathlon's and Running Races

Ft. Sill Army Post MWR hosts numerous events as well. I especially like their Body Vs. Earth Triathlon's.

Base Camp Adventure Outfitters in Medicine park has multiple running and walking events each year. The F5 Endurance is by far the longest.

*If you know of more local running and bicycling events let me know.

Comanche has food and shopping

Thirsty's Cold Pop Store has very good hamburgers and a large beverage selection.

Red Hot Liquor...

Delbert's Supermarket has groceries.

Downtown has a few neat stores and a Post Office.

I'm told Steakout 81 Steakhouse is "Really good."

*Many no mentions because of their service or quality.