Schedule Your Visit

The property is multi-purpose and not all uses play well together.  Equines, private events and overnight guests may exclude other uses.

You must have positive confirmation of your visit before using the property. Do not assume it is OK to just show up. You will be asked to leave.

Be safe is rule 1

Riders must wear a helmet.  Style, fit, and properly worn.
Minors (under age 18) require sober parent/adult supervision.
No marijuana use is allowed on the property.
No smoking or vaping is allowed on the property.
Drunken behavior is not allowed.
Dog's must be controlled.  -off leash is OK if they obey.
Don't pet the snakes.  -Yes some here can kill!
Do not willingly harass/chase/scare the wild animals.
If you don't know what it is: do not eat it!
Watch the language. -Includes being mean and politics.
Avoid unnecessary nudity.
No new trails or features without consent.
Do not drive home drunk….Stay and be safe.
No swimming in the pond.  (Yuck!)
Respect the property boundaries and fences.
Bicycles always have priority.  Then runners, walkers.

Girl with helmet on curling.

Image courtesy of Curling Canada.

Small tend erected on the grass

Stay a night if you have gear.

What can you do...

Ride in the mud. (Trails can be fixed later.)
Learn new skills.
Play Frisbee Golf.
Take nature photos.
Pee on a tree.
Pick some fruit to eat.

Things we don't like to talk about... but have to.

Sometimes people get hurt.  By using this property you accept all risk of your actions.  Look first make good decisions.

This property used to be covered in oil wells.  Things still exist in the trees and in the dirt that I have not found yet.  And some I cannot do anything about.  -Like the open well. 

There are no bathroom facilities yet.  Please poop before you come.

Pee behind a tree not in the open or on the trail.

Pick up your dog's poop.  Only wild critters get free pass.

An old Halliburton car.  Maybe the 1920's